Best tips on how to gain weight in a healthy and tasty way

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    Malt and milk for weight gain

    Do you know what and how to eat to gain weight? Did you expect that such tasty things as malt and milk, bananas and chocolate can be useful for your health? Discover how to gain weight with proteins!

    Malt and milk for weight gain

    Being underweight is a serious problem as being overweight. There are different reasons for the weight being below normal. They can be connected to physical, psychological reasons or health problems.

    One more reason to gain weight is sport and or a wish to have an athletic body. Heavy work or exercises also demand strong body and weight gain.

    If you are underweight it means that your body lacks calories. You feel and look tired all the time, the immune system is weak and sensitive to viruses and diseases. The body can not function normally as it does not receive enough vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Kidneys suffer a lot if the body is underweight.

    To check if you need to gain weight make easy calculations here.

    Malt and milk for weight gain

    Milk and malt mixture

    Both malt and milk contains proteins which are building material for the body, calcium for healthy bones and muscles, and iron that takes part in blood forming and gives energy.

    It is useful not only for mass gaining, but for the all organism. People who are underweight often suffer from anemia, maltina and milk – is the mixture that can help.

    Malt and milk – is a perfect duo if your aim is to gain weight. Below you will find more information and useful recipes of weight gain shakes.

    You will need:

    • 1 cup of vanilla bean ice cream
    • 1/3 cup of whole milk
    • 1 tablespoon of malted milk powder
    • 1 tablespoon of chocolate chips
    • a banana

    Malted milk powder can be blended with ice cream, milk, nuts, and any flavoring, like different kinds of syrups, to create a thick but drinkable shake.

    It may be called one of the best weight gain foods.

    There are millions of combinations you can try – just take some diary product, your favourite vegetable, fruits or berries, add some nuts.

    Now you know how to gain weight gradually and healthy! Save best recipes of weight gain shakes, experiment with milk and malt mixture and gain your perfect body shape!



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